This was an interactive exhibition. The whole show centered around my quitting snus, a Swedish tobacco product drenched in nicotine.

The visitor was greeted by this somewhat symmetric map.

We start at the bottom of the map. An old CRT television plays a flythrough of a 3D representation of the exhibition space while throwing snus at you and looping an old Swedish cover of "Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa". On its sides, stools with maps.

Moving north-east, we arrive at an interactive touch screen. Your face is blurred out and floating around in space. When you touch the screen, I will moan at you in an annoyed manner.

Turning around, we are greeted by a spinning wheel, superimposing a camera feed of the visitor on a live feed of a camera pointed to the wall with the CRT television.

Moving further north, a dark space lit by only screens and a projection.

Looking to the right, a flat-panel television superimposing words on the camera feed.

Moving further into the room and looking left, another flat-panel television superimposing words on spinning shapes.

What is that blue light? Yet another TV, this time showing a chat conversation I had while in withdrawal.

The attentive visitor will notice a map taped to the floor exactly where it should be, according to itself. This visitor will also notice the words used in the chat are the ones used on previous screens.

Turning around, another TV endlessly zooming into the map on the floor, into the map on the stool, into the map on the floor and so on in perpetuity.

So what about that projection? A timelapse of a room, seasons changing, plants growing, accompanied by a grueling motor sound that changes pitch and intensity in accordance with the colors in the video.

Scattered throughout the exhibition were also some abstract pieces, trying to convey my longing for and agony over nicotine.

Here's a 3D rendering of those:

This was the trailer for the show:

And that's pretty much it. I'm okay with this.

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